Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 13

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The Council of International School Visit HFS

This has been a very special week at HFS.

We have been virtually hosting Mrs Chris Green and Dr Bill Parker from the Council of International Schools. These important visitors have spent the whole week visiting classrooms, having meetings with staff, chatting to students and talking to parents.

The CIS Team Visit and the ongoing accreditation process will help the school to plan for the future and show how we can continue to provide the highest standard of international education.

A big thank you to the parents who met with the CIS team and said such nice things about the school!

A Letter from the CIS Team

The CIS Team have written the following letter to be shared with the HFS community.

Dear Paul and Dan,

We write to thank you for hosting an excellent CIS Preparatory Evaluation Visit this week.  Your preparation before the visit, and execution during the visit were first-rate and a true testament to you and your staff’s professionalism.

As you are aware, achieving and maintaining CIS accreditation is no easy task.  There are presently fewer than 700 fully CIS accredited schools in the entire world, and you and the HFS board are to be congratulated for your determination to continue to provide service to your stakeholders at that very high level.  Your commitment to excellence and on-going improvement and growth is impressive for a school of any size, but particularly so in a school with such a limited number of staff. Kudos to you all!

In closing, we must stress how enjoyable it was to meet everyone.  We were particularly impressed with your students who, even in our brief meetings, demonstrated enthusiasm for the school and an understanding of the school core values that was remarkable for such a young group. It was a pleasure to meet with them.

The work you are doing never really ends. CIS schools, regardless of their size or resources, are always working to improve. The HFS community has clearly demonstrated a commitment and desire to do so.  Well done!

Best Regards,

Ms. Chris Green                                                         

CIS School Support and Evaluation Officer

Dr. Bill Parker

Former CIS Support and Evaluation Officer (Retired)             

Staff Hard at Work

While the students enjoyed a well-earned rest on Friday, the staff were in school attending a workshop led by our CIS visitors.

QR Code Scanning at the Hanmaeum Center

The Hanmaeum Center has started to use a QR code-based visitor record-keeping system called KI-PASS. They now ask all visitors to present a QR code when they enter the building.

If you are unable to present a QR Code you will be required to provide a name and contact details.

Great Learning Happening