Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 11

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Dear Parents,

I am very proud to be writing my first Newsletter as Principal of HFS. It has been a busy and exciting first week in charge and I am very thankful for all the support the staff, parents and students have shown me.

For much of the week, I have been teaching in the Year 2/3 class and I have really enjoyed working with such a great group of students. Next week it is back to Year 4/5.

Welcome Mr de Klerk

Mr de Klerk has joined HFS as the new class teacher for Year 2/3. He has been in class all this week with Mr Green, getting to know the students and getting to know our school routines. I can already see that the students are very happy with their new teacher and are excited to start learning together next week.

I think they already like Mr de Klerk more than Mr Green.

Council of International School Visit

As you are probably aware, at HFS we are very proud of our accredited status with the Council of International Schools. This certification holds our school to the highest standards of international education and places us on a similar (or better) standing to the other bigger international school in Korea.

As part of our ongoing improvement process, we will be hosting a virtual visit by a team from CIS the week after next. This visit is an opportunity for the school to reflect on what we do well and where we would like to improve. After the visit, we will receive detailed feedback and advice from the CIS Team, and this will help us to plan for the future. A lot of work has already gone into preparing for the visit and the week after next will definitely be a busy one!

Scholastics Book Club

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Catalogues will be sent home with students today.

Please go to to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by November 15, 2020.

PTA Meeting

All parents are welcome to attend a PTA Meeting on Tuesday 10 November. The meeting will start at 3:35 pm. I would like to meet as many parents as possible and hear all of your ideas. The school is also looking for volunteers to speak to the CIS Team when they visit. We also need to start thinking about Christmas!

Great Learning Happening!