Newsletter 2020/21 Term 1 Week 9

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Dear Parents,

It will be a brief newsletter this week. There are a few items of news that I wish to share with you.

Appointment of Mr. Andre De Klerk as Year 2-3 Teacher

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Mr. Andre De Klerk as the new Year 2-3 teacher at HFS. Mr. De Klerk is experienced and qualified and a fellow South African and he brings a wealth of skills to the HFS Team. After a period of transition and orientation where he will be under the guidance of Mr. Green, Mr. De Klerk will begin teaching the Year 2-3 class from early November. Welcome to HFS, Mr. De Klerk.

Scary Dress-up Day on Friday 30 October – Call for Candy Donations

In the spirit of one of the most fun and popular world holidays, HFS will have a Scary Dress-Up Day on Friday 30 October. Students are encouraged to wear a spooky, scary costume for the day and each class will choose the best-dressed person from their class. The school will vote on the best-dressed of the finalists and we will enjoy a scary movie or activity in our classes during the last period. The PTA will generously be providing treats for the students and are calling on parents to donate sweets and chocolates to make the day extra special. If you would like to donate candy, please drop it in the basket at the admin office, thank you for your support with this event.

Farewell to Rana Andersen

Sadly, this week we bid farewell to Rana Andersen from the Year 4-5 class. Rana has always been a free-spirited young lady with a solid streak of independence and a headstrong attitude. I hope she retains these qualities throughout her school career and beyond and HFS wishes her and her family happiness and success as they depart. They will be missed by all of us. I would like them to know that, should they return, they will always have a place at HFS.

That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney