Newsletter 2019/20 Term 3 Week 6

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Dear Parents,

Summer is already here with daytime temperatures rising into 30s Celsius. It seems as if the school were awakening to brilliant rays of the sun after a long slumber. I have both good and bad news to share with you this week.

Mr. Kearney’s Hospitalization and a Hiring of a Substitute Teacher

As for the bad news first, although he is in a stable condition, Mr. Kearney will likely have to stay at the hospital by the end of next week to ensure full recovery. The good news is that we have succeeded in recruiting an experienced substitute teacher to teach our Y3’s and Y4’s: Mr. John English from the UK. He will be teaching our students from Tuesday until Mr. Kearny returns. As such, ESL lessons will resume next Wednesday.


I am also pleased to report that our students including the Y3’s and 4’s who came back last Wednesday are adjusting quickly to school life after a long absence. It is so obvious that they are enjoying in-class learning in the company of their classmates, while observing the school’s Covid-19 protocol such as wearing masks all the time, maintaining physical distance and washing hands as often and thoroughly as possible. Upon returning to school, Y3’s and 4’s also put their knowledge and skills to test in GL Assessments in Math, English, and Science from Wednesday to Friday.

Y 5-9 to Resume In-class Learning from Monday 8 June

Y5-9 students will be the last batch of students returning to school next Monday, completing the three-stage re-opening of the school. The day will mark the return of the whole school after unprecedented closure of more than three months. Welcome back!

In connection with the Y5-9’s coming back to school, this morning the admin office sent an email to guide their parents. This is a gentle reminder for them to read and follow the guidance.

The Snow Queen at the Dongrami Theater


Meanwhile, while the school was closed, Dongrami Theater staged a production of “The Snow Queen” featuring our students. Well done to Theo, Seongyun, and Dhanya for confidently performing their roles in the show! It is always a great pleasure to see our students display confidence and creativity in front of an audience.

We will hold down the fort in the absence of Mr. Kearney. We would appreciate your kind understanding and moral support for the school in these difficult times.

On a different note, the coronavirus has subsided to a manageable level in Korea and with the weather being sunny with attractive beaches nearby and green foliage all around, getting out with sunglasses on would naturally be very enticing. However, while doing so, be wary of the virus and stay safe and healthy. Take care.



Paul Eungsoo Kim
Executive Board Member