Newsletter 2019/20 Term 3 Week 5

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Dear Parents,

I am pleased to have the sound of a clamor of little voices around the school building this week as the F 1-2 and Year 1-2 students returned to in-class learning. The students have shown great resilience in adapting to the new schooling situation and I am happy to report that the short week went ahead without incident.


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Year 3-4 to Start In-class Learning from Wednesday 3 June

 On a similar note, the Year 3-4 students will be returning to school from Wednesday 3 June to resume their in-class learning. I would like to include this reminder to parents to return the school equipment and resources with their child on the day. The bus will be operating as normal in the mornings and afternoons, so please be at the bus stop with your child at the regularly scheduled time for the bus to collect them. Please also ensure that your child is wearing a face mask for their first day of school. Masks are mandatory for all staff and children and, upon arrival at the school, HFS will provide 2 reusable fabric masks for your child which should be taken home and labeled clearly with their name. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.


Learning Materials Delivery for Year 3-9

 This afternoon HFS will deliver learning materials with the school bus for Year 3-9 students for next week’s online learning. The school bus will depart the school at 3:45 pm and follow the afternoon school bus route and schedule displayed below. Please be at your designated stop at the scheduled time to collect your child’s learning materials.

1. Hyundai Foreign School     3:45 PM
2. Santevill 115 – 111     3:47 PM
3. E Pyeonhan 103 – 115     3:56 PM
4. Prugio 110 – I Park 107     3:58 PM
5. Ulsan College Back Gate     4:03 PM
6. Bangeojin Foreign Apartment     4:15 PM
7. SMS Residence     4:22 PM


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.


Mr. Kearney