Newsletter 2019/20 Term 2 Week 2

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Dear Parents,

We hope you are keeping warm as the Winter chill sets in. At HFS we have been very active this week and there are a number of newsworthy items that I wish to share with you in this newsletter.


International Hat Day Celebration

I was extremely pleased that all of the HFS students literally got their creative caps on and made such fantastic hats for our “International Hat Day” celebration. Well done to the winners from each class, Maximos Kopanas, David Song, and Leo Chaudet, for their wonderful cranium creations. A big congratulations to our overall winner, Aki Storie. The whole school was impressed with your “Flags from around the world” hat. It was a fun event that I look forward to repeating next year. Please enjoy these pictures from the day.

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HFS Open Day on Monday 20 January

I am excited that we will have another open day on Monday 20 January. This is a great opportunity for you to see the fantastic inquiry-based learning that is happening at HFS. Join us from 09:30 am for a brief presentation followed by a tour and refreshments and Q&A session. You can then wander and explore each classroom from 10:30 am to 11:30 am to see the teaching and learning in action. There will be ample parking so bring anyone who you think may be interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at HFS. I look forward to seeing you there.


Seollal Festivities on Tuesday 21 January 

Korea will celebrate the Seollal Lunar New Year from 24 to 27 January and HFS will be closed on those days to commemorate the holiday. HFS always honours the important customs and traditions of its host country so we will have our Seollal celebration program on Tuesday 21 January a few days before the holiday. Join us from 1:30 pm as the students share their knowledge and understanding of what Seollal means to them. We will have some participatory games for you to enjoy. It promises to be an enjoyable and fulfilling event.


Violin and Swimming Club starting in February

I am pleased that parents have signed up for violin and swimming club this term. There are still spaces left in each club so if you wish to join in these semi-private lessons please phone the HFS admin office to enroll your child. The cost and schedule of lessons is as follows.



PTA Meeting on Tuesday 21 January

I am always happy to announce the monthly PTA meetings at HFS. This is an important school tradition that HFS is proud to continue. If you would like to be a part of the HFS PTA please join us on Tuesday 21 January at 3:35 pm in the school cafeteria for the first PTA meeting of this term. I hope to see you there.


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do keep warm this weekend.


Mr. Kearney