Drama Club – The Costume for the Winter Show Play

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Dear Drama Club Parents, 

The time has come to think about costumes. Most of the children in the play are characters called “Whos” who dress wacky and colourfully. The narrators are considered Whos.
The costume for the play is any kind of wacky, colourful, mismatched clothing, odd socks. The brighter the better. Pajamas are totally OK! Be weird and wonderful. 
There are some exceptions:
  • Grinch – dress in all green
  • Who Mouse – dress in mouse colours (Grey, Brown, or Black)
  • Max the Dog – dress in dog colours (Grey, Brown, or Black)
For the Who Mouse, Max the Dog, the Who Chef, and the Who Doctor we will provide the little bits (ears, etc) of the costume to complete the look.

Attached are some pictures to inspire you.
Thank you for your cooperation.