Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 13

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Dear Parents,

Winter has set in as the festive season holiday approaches. The days are getting shorter and I do hope you have been lucky enough to see the changing leaves before they disappear. There are a few items that I must share with you in this week’s newsletter.


FS 1-2 and Year 5-9 Class Trips

Our junior and senior students were very fortunate to enjoy school trips this week. The FS 1-2 group went on a playful excursion to the toy museum where they got to play with some amazing curios as part of their IEYC unit on “Toys”.

The Year 5-9 students enjoyed a fascinating trip to Gyeongju where they explored the Padosori Coastal Path as part of their learning unit on landscapes and weather, looking at coastal landscapes to understand how landscapes are formed and change over time. I look forward to seeing the interesting projects that they create based on their learning and seeing these phenomena in practical settings. Please enjoy these photos of the students on the trips.

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Year 1-2 Class Trip to Kidzania

Next week on Friday 29 November, as part of their learning unit on “A day in the life”, the Year 1-2 students will enjoy a fantastic excursion to the wonderland that is Kidzania. It is more than an amusement park in that it is a whole city recreated solely for the purpose and benefit of young children’s learning about different jobs and occupations. The students will get hands-on experiences being pilots, firefighters, chocolatiers, nurses and doctors as well as a whole lot more. To get the maximum value that the park offers the students will be away for the whole school day returning by 4:50 pm. Please ensure that they have a full morning snack and healthy lunch packed and make arrangements to collect them at the school at this time.


HFS Winter Show on Thursday 5 December

 The annual HFS Winter Show production will be held on Thursday 5 December from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The students have been hard at work in Drama Club throughout the term rehearsing for the play “The Grinch who stole Christmas” and in class we have been practicing our individual musical pieces. I am pleased that so many of the soloists have also been practicing at selected break times. It promises to be a hugely entertaining evening with refreshments and crafts on sale as a fundraiser for our PTA. If you would like to be involved by preparing an item of food to be sold on the evening, please contact me at I have it on good authority that a certain someone may pay a special visit on the evening to see if our students have been naughty or nice. Join us and bring your friends and family for our magical annual HFS Winter Show.


 WeHope Christmas Market


 HFS is not the only one holding Christmas events. The WeHope Charity Organisation will be having their annual Christmas market on Saturday 21 December at the Namgu Multicultural Family Center. It promises to be a fun day for the kids with face painting, live music, pictures with a Santa among other things. They are looking for anyone who would like to be a vendor on the day, selling baked goods, handmade trinkets or crafts. If you would like to be a part of this festive event please contact Nate Mandigo at


Finally, a few students have misplaced their HFS Winter Jackets. Please take a look at the inside of your child’s uniform and return any item of clothing that may have inadvertently found its way to the wrong home.


That is al for this week. Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful weekend.


Mr. Kearney