Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 2

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Dear Parents,

We have completed our second week of the year. Autumn approaches and the weather is cooling after the refreshingly wet weather that has kept us indoors for much of the week. I must share with you a few items of pertinent news from HFS.



Chuseok Program


On Monday 9th September HFS will stage its annual program in commemoration of the Chuseok holiday that is coming next week. The program will begin at 1:35 pm after lunch-time play and will run until 3:30 pm. Please join us for a showcase and celebration of this important Korean holiday as the students demonstrate their appreciation of the traditions of their host country. We encourage children to wear traditional Korean clothing or clothing from their home country in the spirit of the holiday. After-school activities, drama and violin clubs, will run as per normal on the day. Please take note that the school will be closed on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th September in honor of this cherished celebration.



Ulju Mountain Film Festival Trip for FS 1–Year 2 students


On Tuesday 10th September the FS 1-2 and Year 1-2 students will have their first field trip of the year. Thank you to all the parents who completed and submitted the online permission form. They will be attending the Ulju Mountain Film Festival where a special program for early years’ students has been arranged. This will include craft activities, a film screening and some fun climbing suitable for their level. The trip will take up most of the day on Tuesday with the bus departing promptly at 9:05 am and returning by 3:10 pm. Please ensure that your child has a morning snack, water bottle and healthy lunch and is wearing comfortable shoes and their navy blue uniform for the trip.



Dongrami Theater



<Aladdin and the Magic Lamp> from Arabian nights


4-8 years old /ENGLISH SPEAKER
For Information please call : YOOJUNG IM at 010-3191-8437
Apply by September 18th



<The Snow Queen> by Hans Christian Andersen

9-12 years old /ENGLISH SPEAKER
For Information please call : YOOJUNG IM at 010-3191-8437
Apply by September 18th


I would like to take this opportunity to mention the Dongrami Theater Troup who offer specialised theater training for children. We have a long-standing relationship with the theater and I encourage parents to contact Ms. Yoojung Im if they would like more information on how to get their children involved in theater productions. Performing on stage is a fantastic and fun way to develop a child’s confidence and speaking ability. I look forward to seeing them on stage.



School Operating Hours and Supervision


I would like to remind all parents that the school operating hours are strictly from 08:45 am until 4:30 pm. Children should not be at school outside of these hours since proper supervision is not always possible. Please ensure that your child does not arrive at the school before 08:45 am and that you collect your child promptly at 4:30 pm after club activities have finished. For special cases where parents or designated guardians are unable to collect their child, a supervision waiver must be signed and the child must complete the sign-out sheet for the day with their name and the time of their departure. I must also stress that, as per the parent handbook, HFS bears no responsibility for unsupervised children who leave the school premises to be collected by their parents in the public or parking area of the Hanmaeum center. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Thank you for your continued support and do have an enjoyable weekend.



Mr. Kearney