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Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 1

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Dear Parents,


The first week of the new academic year is behind us and everything is running swimmingly at HFS. The returning students are settling into familiar routines and new parents and students are quickly becoming part of the HFS family. There are a few items of news I wish to share with you this week.



Chuseok Program on Monday 9 September


Chuseok is one of Korea’s most sacred and hallowed holidays and HFS always pays homage to our host country by conducting a special Chuseok program close to the time of the festival. On Monday 9 September we will have our Chuseok program from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Please join us as we honour this cherished time of the full-moon harvest as the students put on a display some traditional songs and activities as well as some entertaining feats and games. It promises to be an enjoyable afternoon. Students are encouraged to wear traditional Korean clothing or clothing from their home country on the day in the spirit of the festival.



Parent Lunch Time Volunteers


Parent involvement at the school is always appreciated, none more so than at lunch times when an extra set of hands and eyes to monitor students is most welcome. Next week we will place a list on the noticeboard for parents to sign their names on the days they wish to volunteer to lend a hand in the cafeteria for lunch break. Thank you for your kind assistance in this regard.



FS 1-2 Year 1-2 School Trip Permission Form


I am pleased that our first school trip will be to the ever-popular Ulju Mountain Festival: On Tuesday 10 September. The FS 1–2 and Year 1–2 students will enjoy a tailor-made program for young learners where they will make cardboard cars, watch an entertaining movie and take part in some fun wall climbing especially for little ones. If you would like your child to attend please fill out the online permission form by clicking here and take note that the bus for the trip will depart promptly at 09:05 am on the day to return by 3:10 pm. They are sure to have a great time.



School Photo Day


Since we have welcomed so many new students into our fold and our class structure has changed it is necessary to update our class photos. On Thursday 5 September we will be taking class photographs at school so please ensure that your child is wearing their navy blue school uniform on the day. We will take class photos and photos of the children in their normal classroom environment. I look forward to seeing everyone looking their best and brightest on the day.



After-School Club Activities

 T1 Clubs

Thank you to all who signed their child up for this term’s after school club activities. Most of the clubs reached their full complement and we have to keep the number of participants limited in order for the clubs to be manageable and enjoyable. The club sign-ups are now closed, but should any spaces become available you will be notified. Club activities will commence from Monday 2 September and they all look like loads of fun.



That is all for this week, do have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your continued support.



Mr. Kearney

Term 1 Club Sign Ups

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Dear Parents,
Please sign up for the club activities by Thursday 29 August. Click here to go to the sign-up form. Sign-ups will work on a first-come-first-serve basis so sign up quickly. Clubs will commence from week 2, Monday 2 September.

Thank you.



HFS 2019-20 Welcome Newsletter

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Dear Parents,


Summer break has flown past it seems and we are about to launch into a new year of teaching and learning at HFS. I am delighted to serve as Acting Principal for the 2019-20 academic year and look forward to all that is in store. There are some exciting developments that I wish to share with you in this, the first newsletter of the year.



New Staff Introductions

 Welcome (1) 20190823_153406

I am thrilled to welcome Ms. Laura Nurse to the HFS teaching team. Ms. Nurse is from the U.K. and is new to Korea. She will be teaching the Year 1-2 cohort and I could not be happier trusting their teaching and learning to her capable skills. I am also pleased to have Ms. Barbara Kum join our Teaching Assistants crew on a part-time basis. Her support will no doubt prove invaluable this year. It is always a pleasure to welcome new staff members into our HFS community and I am sure they will have an enjoyable time here.



Induction Day

 Induction Day (2) Induction Day (1)

Today we also welcomed some new parents and students into the HFS community. I was happy to see so many new faces at our school and some familiar ones with younger siblings starting their schooling. The induction proceedings went exceedingly well as the students and parents explored the grounds and got to know their teachers. I am sure the new students will soon feel right at home in their new school.



New Curriculum Additions


The implementation of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) last year was such a resounding success that we have elected to extend that program to the early years’ group. I am very pleased to announce that for the 2019-20 academic year we will also be implementing the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) for the year FS 1-2 class. It is a dynamic, play-based curriculum with many exciting topics and activities for your child to begin their learning journey. I look forward to what they produce through it. An addition to our specialist teaching subjects is the introduction of a music curriculum for all classes. It is vitally important that learners get exposed to the creative arts and through this school-wide program they will have the avenue to explore their musical creativity this year.



After-School Club Activities

 T1 Clubs

We will continue to have a full complement of after school club activities this term. Some days will have more than one and students will have to be selective as to which clubs they choose to join. Please sign up for the club activities during week 1 since we keep a limit of 20 for each club. Also note that the violin and swimming clubs require a minimum 3 and 5 participants, respectively, for them to be feasible and since they are run externally to HFS there is a cost involved. Please see the table below and take note of which clubs are available to which particular age groups and sign up accordingly. Sign-ups will work on a first-come-first-serve basis so sign up quickly. Clubs will commence from week 2, Monday 2 September.


I am pleased that HFS continues to grow and I am looking forward to school starting bright and early on Monday 26 August. The school bus will operate as per normal from then and I can’t wait to see everybody there ready to plunge into 2019-20 at HFS!



Mr. Kearney