Newsletter 2018/19 Term 3 Week 10

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Dear Parents,


We have reached the end of the 2018/19 Academic year and we have done it in style. We have successfully gotten through our first year of HFS in its new incarnation and I am overwhelmingly pleased at how everyone, parents, teachers, staff and students, performed throughout the year. We have had to face some surprising challenges during the course of this year but we have overcome them together. Someone once said that the greatness of a community can best be measured by the compassionate actions of its members; looking back on the accomplishments of this past year I know then that, thanks to you, the HFS community must truly be great indeed.



PTA Pizza Movie Day

 Pizza and Movie (4) Pizza and Movie (8) Pizza and Movie (12) Pizza and Movie (13)

What a fantastic treat it was for the whole school to go to the HHI Arts Center for a screening of Toy Story 4 yesterday. I must admit that I shed a tear at the ending (which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t seen the film yet). It was a wonderful whole-school excursion and an enjoyable shared experience, a fitting way to bring the school year to a close. Thank you to the PTA for sponsoring the event and for preparing the delicious pizza and healthy snacks for our lunch as we returned. You truly are the backbone of support that keeps our school alive.



HFS End of Year Assembly

IMG_4245 IMG_4242 IMG_4238 IMG_4234 IMG_4230 IMG_4226 IMG_4222

As is fitting of each term we conduct an assembly to present well deserved awards and showcase the amazing work that our students have produced, this term was no different. Congratulations to our Citizenship and Commendation Award winners. It always fills me with pride when students display excellence in academics or character and at HFS we are happy to reward these achievements. It was also great to see what the students have been learning, from the F1/2/Y1s’ phonics abilities to the Year 2/3 poetry skills and the excellent demonstrations of volcanoes by the Year 7/8/9’s. It was a marvelous presentation of the teaching and learning that has been taking place at HFS. Well done to all!



Summer Break and New Academic Year Commencement


I am sure you are all looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation. I do hope you make the most of every moment wherever you may be. Everyone has outdone themselves this year and you should enjoy this well-deserved break. Please click here if you would like to see the academic calendar for next year. I look forward to school starting anew on Monday 26 August, everyone being refreshed, revitalised and ready for 2019/20.


Thank you for your continued support throughout the year and do have a wonderful summer break.


Mr. Kearney