Newsletter 2018/19 Term 3 Week 7

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Dear Parents,


It has been a welcome relief to have a regular full week of school after last week’s disruptions. Having a full day of classes yesterday really made a difference. Just a reminder that Friday 28 June will also be a full day until 3:30 pm to make up for lost teaching time.



Information Evening Summary


Thank you to all who attended our information evening on Wednesday. It is always a pleasure to see parents take an interest in school matters. I was happy to report back on the many achievements we have made as a school community this year as well as explain the class and staffing structure for next year. Here is a breakdown of the classes and faculty for 2019/20.


I am also proud to announce the positive outcome of the recent CIS Inspection of our premises and educational standards which according to the CIS representative “have improved HFS’ ability to fulfil its new mission and vision, even with a significantly reduced student roll and staff complement.” We have also finalized the 2019/20 academic calendar which can be viewed by clicking here.



2018/19 HFS Yearbook


It brings me great joy to inform you that progress for the yearbook is going steadily but we would like to gauge how many books we need to print. The cost of the yearbook is 35,000 Won but the PTA will generously be covering 20,000 Won of that amount. That means that the final cost will be 15,000 Won per book for the first copy that you purchase. If you wish to order a second copy it will cost 35,000 Won. Please visit the admin office and make your payment to secure your yearbook order by Friday 14 June. I can’t wait to see the treasure trove of memories stored within its pages.



Ulsan Hyundai Football Club Escorts


A gentle reminder that on Saturday 15 June those of you who signed up to have your child be an escort for the Ulsan Hyundai Football Club players or to view the match from the select seats should keep the evening free. It will run from 7 until 9 pm. We will provide a bus to transport students and parents to and from the game. Uniforms will be provided for the escorts and will need to be collected from the admin office next week. More details regarding the event will be forthcoming next week.



GL Assessments during Week 8


Next week the FS2 to Y9 students will be completing their end of year progress tests in the form of the GL assessments. HFS has adopted this rigorous assessment platform since it is recognised as the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools, as well as for international schools in over 100 countries worldwide. The tests are not intended to be studied for but rather are designed as a gauge of a students’ overall learning, ability, and aptitude to provide a holistic view of each pupil. This approach provides teachers with the data and insight necessary to inform teaching and learning and to track progress effectively. I am sure that the students will do well as a result of their diligence and the fine teaching standards in place at HFS.



That is all for this week. Thank you for continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.



Mr. Kearney