Newsletter 2018/19 Term 3 Week 6

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Dear Parents,


Thank you for your support and understanding during this turbulent week. I am ecstatic to report that the labour unionists have left the building and regular school classes will take place on Monday 3rd June. I must also thank all the staff for their tireless efforts to ensure that the school was left undamaged and that learning could still take place in the form of school trips during this difficult situation. I would like to remind parents that to recoup some lost teaching learning time as a result of this week’s disruption, Thursday 6 June will be a full day of school until 3:30 pm. The school bus will operate as normal (There will, however, be no Art club).



Report Back on School Trips


Fortunately, despite the circumstances, both school trips went smoothly and without any problems. The Y4-9 residential trip was a resounding success. The students had a fantastic time as you no doubt gathered from the daily updates from the accompanying teachers. From astronomy to kayaking, climbing, team-building and cooking. The students learned important life-skills and developed their independence and autonomy. It was an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for all. Thank you to the caring staff for putting it together and working to ensure a safe yet exciting time was enjoyed by all.


The trip to Gyeongju was also sensational. The students enjoyed a full day away in the warm sun and got the opportunity to see a host of remarkable and exotic flora and birdlife in a fantastic setting. Well done to all for being brave and allowing the birds to perch on them. I am glad that the students got to see such an unusual range of plant and animal species, from delicate retreating Mimosas to menacing Venus-flytraps and a kaleidoscope of beautiful flowers in between as well as alligators, ostriches, tortoises, sharks and topping it off with a craft activity to bring back a memento of the excursion. Thank you to all the parents for having the children ready at the pick-up points and to the staff for ensuring the safe drop-off and collection of the students afterwards.


Please enjoy these pictures from the trips of your child enjoying these learning experiences.


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Information Evening Wednesday 5 June


A gentle reminder of the upcoming information evening on Wednesday 5 June from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. We will discuss the class and staff structuring next year as well as the outcomes of our recent CIS evaluation. I look forward to seeing you there as well as fielding and questions you may have.



HFS Open Day Tuesday 18 June


If you would like a peek at the goings-on at HFS join us on Tuesday 18 June from 09:30 to 11:30 am for an opportunity to view the teaching and learning that your child is benefitting from at the school. Parking will be available so please invite your friends and participate in some unique concept and inquiry based learning as we showcase a typical day at HFS. I hope to see you there.


Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful and restful weekend.


Mr. Kearney