Update on School Situation

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Dear Parents,
Given that the school closure still continues, you would naturally be interested to know what the situation would be like for the school next week.  We would like to bring to your attention that we have been closely monitoring the situation at our school building and thus can confirm that although the building is still occupied by the labor unionists, the 3rd floor where our school is located, has not been damaged.  Although we fully expect that the labor unionists will leave the building after the HHI shareholders’ meeting tomorrow, we will be sure to inform the parents in the course of the day as soon as we are made aware, if we can resume our classes at our site next Monday.

Meanwhile, in the unlikely event that we cannot come back to school next Monday at Hanmaeum Center as expected, we have secured classrooms at the HHI Personnel Training Center at Ulsan College. 

Please rest assured that we will continue to keep you posted of further developments as they unfold.

We appreciate your continued support.

Mr. Kearney