Newsletter 2018/19 Term 3 Starts

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Dear Parents,


I hope that you are well rested after the Spring break and your children are ready to return on Monday 22 April for what promises to be an exciting term three at HFS. There are a few important announcements I would like to share with you.



Parking Permit for Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up 


I am happy to announce that we have negotiated with Hanmaeum center and parking in the open square area will be allowed in the morning and the afternoon. (8:30 – 9:30 am for morning drop-off, and 3:10 – 5:00 pm for afternoon pick-up) Parents need to apply for a parking permit at the office.  I would like to reiterate that students must be escorted by their parents to their classroom in the morning and collected by parents on the third floor of the school building. Students are not allowed to be unattended in the public area.



Term 3 After-School Club Activities Sign-ups

 Term 3 Club

I am proud to report that we have a full complement of extra-curricular activities once again in which your children can participate including soccer, knitting, photography, board-games, art, violin, and swimming. HFS club activities will commence from week 2, Monday 29 April. Please sign-up for any club activities in which your children wish to participate by Friday 26 April. Click here to go to the sign-up form.



School Closed on Friday 31 May


A gentle reminder that due to circumstances beyond our control we will not have access to the Hanmaeum center on Thursday 30 May and on Friday 31 May. This will not affect the residential trip for the year 4 to 9 students but there will unfortunately be no school on Friday 31 May for the FS1-Y1 and Year 2/3 classes. We will arrange a full-day school trip on Thursday 30 May for the FS1-Y1 and Year 2/3 classes. More details will follow in the coming weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience and are informing you well in advance to allow you sufficient time to plan accordingly.



HFS Wall of Honor


It gives me great pleasure to announce that we will celebrate the academic and merit achievements of the students who win awards each term by with a place on our HFS Wall of Honor. They have worked hard and demonstrated great character to earn their awards and this should be acknowledged and admired. Please take notice of the award plaque next time you visit the school.



That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have an enjoyable weekend.


Best Regards,
Scott Kearney