Newsletter 2017/18 Term 3 Week 13

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Dear Parents,

As the bloom of the blossoms dissipates and the petals fade into the sunset so too does another term at HFS and what a term it has been. There have been many highlights in our learning journey this term, from our fantastic Seollal celebrations and Book dress-up day to the student-led bake sale and pajama party and everything in between. The students collaborated in creating amazing presentations for our International week celebrations and displayed their learning in effective weekly assemblies. It has been a full term jam-packed with fun and discovery. Well done to everyone for all their great work.


End of Term Assembly

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As is fitting at HFS we ended the term on a high note with a spectacular assembly. Congratulations to all of the winners of our commendation and school citizenship awards, you most certainly deserve them.

The class presentations were most entertaining. It is wonderful to see a showcase of the work that is being produced at HFS; the FS1/2/Y1 class made a fabulous book of what they have been learning about this term and the Year 2/3’s made us laugh with their rhyming. Thank you to the Year 4/5/6’s for that unique take on “The Odyssey” and the Year 7/8/9’s made an excellent demonstration of Newton’s Laws of motion. Well done to all. It was a wonderful display of the learning that is taking place at our school.

I was most impressed with the short films that came out of the movie club. They were highly entertaining works and demonstrate great creativity, planning and collaboration from all involved.

It was quite a touching moment to donate all of the clothing and 250,000 Won that was raised to the WeHope Foundation. A remarkable achievement by the student council and thank you to everyone who made that possible, you have surely made the world that much brighter and happier for someone with your contribution.


Term 3 Planner

We have already been hard at work making sure term 3 is as full and as exciting as the previous ones. Here is a link to the term 3 calendar planner for your convenience. Please take note of the significant days that may affect you. I would like to bring to your attention that the school will be closed on Friday 30 May due to circumstances beyond our control. The building will not be accessible on that day. Fortunately, it coincides with the Yea r4–9 Residential trip and as a result it will only affect FS1/2/Y1 and Year 2/3 classes. Please contact the admin office if you have any queries.


Term 3 Afterschool Club Activities


I am happy to report that we have a full complement of afterschool club activities for term 3. Club activities will commence from week 2 and you can sign up for them from Monday 22 April. This is a list of the clubs on offer on each day:


Have a wonderful spring break everyone. I look forward to the new term which commences bright and early on Monday 22 April.


Best Regards,


Scott Kearney