HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 2

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Dear Parents

We are moving steadily in to term two now and I hope you are settled and keeping warm in this blustery winter weather. There are a few announcements this week that I would like to share with you.


Olivia McCarthy’s Award

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I am pleased to announce that one of brightest year 2 students, Olivia McCarthy, received an award for her outstanding abilities in Speed Skating. We presented the award in our assembly on Monday and she was shy but excited to receive it. Well Done, Olivia! We are all proud of you.


Silly Hat Day

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What a wonderfully fun day it was. There are certainly a few “Mad Hatters” in our midst at HFS. The students came up with amazingly silly designs and creations which they proudly displayed on the day. We had votes to select the silliest hat in each class and then the school chose the overall silliest hat as a winner. Congratulations to Noah Dunn for his madcap top-hat creation, complete with roads and cars (it was almost bigger than him!)


Fire Safety Inspection

At HFS, the safety and security of your children is our top-most priority and on Monday 21 January we will be visited by the Ulsan fire department as they inspect the effectiveness of our Emergency evacuation procedure for fire. We have practiced this as a drill in the first term and I have no doubt that the students will follow procedures in a calm and orderly fashion as they evacuate the building. We may even be lucky enough to have some photos of the children with the brave firefighters and their fire engine after the drill.


Scholastic book order


Today the popular Scholastic book catalogue went home with your child. Please take advantage of this wonderful resource and browse the catalogue, completing your online orders by no later than Sunday February 10th. The orders will then be delivered to the school and distributed to parents accordingly. Remember, Readers are Leaders!

Order Here ☞ http://world-schools.scholastic.co.uk/hyundai-foreign


Indoor Play due to Poor Air Quality and Low Temperatures

Unfortunately, due to the poor air quality earlier this week it was necessary to have indoor break a few times. At HFS we take the health and well-being of the students very seriously and we check the air quality index each morning. If the Air Quality index shows a high rate of particulate matter, we will keep the children indoors for their own health and safety. This is true for the temperature as well, if the temperature should fall to 0 degrees or below the children will remain warm indoors for play time. Fortunately, both the air quality and temperature improved during the latter part of this week and we could all enjoy our outdoor play time.


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,


Scott Kearney