HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 2 Week 1

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Dear Parents


Welcome back to a new year and a new term at HFS. I hope you are rested and refreshed from the winter break and all had a fantastic festive season and new year. There are a few exciting announcements that I am happy to share with you in the first newsletter of 2019.


Welcome to Jisika and Minel



HFS is excited to welcome a few new students to our school. Jisika Philip has joined the FS1 class and Minel Simsek has joined FS2. They have settled in nicely and we are delighted to have them as part of the HFS community.


HFS After-school Club Activities

I am happy to report that we will have a full complement of dynamic new club activities that will commence from next week, 14 January. These include arts and crafts, Film making club, Fun Korean learning, knitting and basketball. Violin and swimming club will also be running from next week for those who are participants.  If for any reason you have not joined a club but would like to participate please contact the admin office as soon as possible. We will limit the number of club participants to 20 with a minimum number of 6 in order to make the club viable. It promises to be a fun program of after school activities this term.


National Hat Day


Heads up everyone, Tuesday 15 January is National Hat Day. We would like to celebrate this by allowing students to wear the silliest hat that they can find, make or buy for the day. Each class will have a competition judging and deciding which hat is the silliest hat in their class. I look forward to some amazingly wacky creations on display.


PTA Meeting

We will have our first PTA meeting of the term on Thursday 17 January at 3:30. I look forward to seeing all the members of the group and welcoming any new members who would like to be a part of the parent teacher association for this term. I do enjoy the monthly meetings and discussions with our valued parent group and look forward to seeing you at the meeting next week.


Parent Lunch-time Volunteers

Thank you to all the parents who kindly volunteered their time to assist during our lunch period. The extra set of hands an eyes is much appreciated. A new volunteer list is up outside the admin office for any parent who would like to offer assistance during the lunch period this term. Simply put your name on the list for the day you would like to volunteer and be there on that day. Your assistance with this endeavor is greatly appreciated.


Going for Goals

I am happy to announce the establishment of another program at HFS to instill in our students the qualities of good HFS citizens. The going for goals program is a weekly initiative where students will set a goal to work toward and achieve during that week. Setting and achieving goals is a positive habit and has all the merits of a growth mindset. I am certain that this program will be as successful as other character-building programs at HFS.


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,


Scott Kearney