HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 1 Week 15

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Dear Parents


December has arrived and we can dust off our decorations and put up the tree. The term is almost at an end but there are quite a few things I would like to bring to your attention this week.



HFS Winter Show


To celebrate the festive season HFS will be staging its annual Winter show in cooperation with Dongrami theater. Join us on Monday 10 December at 6:00 pm for a fantastic evening of holiday-themed entertainment. The students have been working extremely hard on their drama, musical performances and songs. There will be loads of refreshments and snacks on sale as well as some of our students own handmade Christmas arts and crafts. If you would like to contribute some cakes, cookies or fruit to be made available as a refreshment please send it to school on Monday but keep in mind that HFS has a strict no nut policy. Join us for night of singing, dancing and being merry. To parents of children performing on Monday, please ensure that they practise, practise, practise their words and moves to hone their performances for the big show.


Term 1 Reports

With the end of term looming I am sure that you are eager to see what progress your child has made in their learning. Progress reports for term 1 will be sent home with your child today. Please ask them and check their bags to ensure that you receive the report. Once you have read through it in detail please complete the comment section for parents and bring that to the parent teacher conferences next week.


Parent Teacher Conferences

On Wednesday 12 December we will be having our termly parent teacher conferences. A more detailed communique has been sent out but please remember to book your interview slot by filling out the form at the admin office by Tuesday 11 December. The teachers are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s learning progress.


Farewell for the Lickerts


We are sad to be bidding farewell to Felix, Tom and Mr. and Mrs. Lickert as they depart for Germany at the end of the term. They have become a dear part of the HFS community and their absence will be felt in a big way. We wish the family luck and happiness as they return home and as Tom and Felix continue their learning journey at their new schools. As a farewell gesture the Lickerts would generously like to treat the school to lunch on Thursday 13 December. We will send a more detailed handout early next week but remember to pack only a snack and bring your water bottle for that day. should you see them in passing do say some kind words of farewell to the Lickerts, they will be missed by all of us.


Final Week and Final Assembly

Just a reminder that during the final week of term there will not be any club activities (Except for Violin class on Monday and the make-up Swimming lesson on Wednesday 12 December). The school bus will be running as normal at 3:30 pm daily. On Friday 14 December HFS will close for the Winter break. There will be a final school assembly from 11:00 am on the day where we will present awards and bid farewell to school leavers as well as enjoy some displays of student work. School will be dismissed promptly at 12:30 on Friday 14 December. Join us for an exciting sendoff as we put term one behind us and acknowledge the hard work and achievements that our students have made throughout the term.


Violin and Swimming Club during the Winter Break

There will be a few school activities running during the Winter break. The Schedules are listed below, and registration for clubs needs to be completed through the admin office by 12 December.

* Violin (4 lessons – 60,000 won)

– December 10th: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (After school)

– December 17th, 24th, 31st: 11 am-12 pm (holidays)

* Swimming (2 lessons – 45,000 won)

– December 18th, January 8th: 3:30pm-4:30pm


That is all for this week. Thank you for your support, stay warm and have a wonderful weekend.

Best regards,


Scott Kearney