HFS Newsletter 2018/19 Term 1 Week 6

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Dear Parents

Welcome back. I trust that everyone is rested and had a wonderful time with family over the Chuseok break. This will be a brief newsletter since it is a short school week.

School Closed on Hangeul Day

Tuesday 9th October is Hangeul Proclamation Day. It is a National Holiday in Korea and as such The school will be closed for the day.

No Nut Policy at HFS



As you are aware HFS has adopted a “No Nut Policy” in all foodstuffs across the school. There are a few students with severe nut allergies and in the interest of their health, safety and well-being it is vital that no nuts are brought on to the school premises in all lunch and snack items. Parents are kindly asked to bear this in mind and take care when packing snack and lunch boxes for their child. This policy extends to sharing food as well. To prevent a student accidentally coming in to contact with nuts we have restricted the sharing of student’s meals and we thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.

Staff CPR and First-Aid course

The safety of your children is always the top-most concern at HFS and I am pleased to report that all the staff will attend a level 1 CPR and First-Aid course conducted by the Korean Red Cross.  This certificate course will better enable the staff to deal with a medical emergency in the correct way should it arise.

Class Dojo School Reward System

I am happy to report that we are launching our school-wide points reward system to acknowledge when the students are doing well. Points will be awarded based on the core principles to which HFS adheres and prizes will be given out in these categories at the end of term. The categories are respect, international mindedness, curiosity, confidence, teamwork, responsibility, creativity, tolerance, environmental awareness and leadership.  

D.E.A.R. and Health and Fitness


At HFS we believe readers are leaders and we will be initiating a “Drop Everything and READ” program every Friday during the last period. Students will be encouraged to find a quiet, comfortable space and simply read a book for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Reading for enjoyment for a short period has been shown to stimulate the mind. We will also be kicking off a “Health and Fitness at HFS” program where the school will gather and perform fifteen minutes of fun, stimulating exercise to keep fit and healthy. At HFS we encourage our students to be not only mentally fit but physically fit as well.

That is all for this short week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Scott Kearney