Newsletter 2018/19 Term 1 Week 3

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Dear Parents
Thank you for taking time on Tuesday evening to attend the curriculum evening. It was a pleasure to see you there. It is great that you took the opportunity to become familiar with the academic content at HFS and I hope that any questions you might have had were answered.
School Trip

I am happy to report that the school trip to the Ulju Mountain Film Festival was a resounding success. The students enjoyed a thoughtful and entertaining film followed by a thrilling VR experience to see what it is like to be on Mount Everest. The highlight was the exciting climbing activity; we definitely have a few adrenaline-seekers in our midst. Enjoy the photos of the students having fun at the festival and please follow the Hyundai Foreign School Facebook Page to enjoy more images and updates.

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Musical Aladdin at Dongrami Theater 

Our very own Year 2 student Olivia McCarthy will be participating in a play at Dongrami Theater on 17th September. If you would like to attend to show your support, please see the flyer attached. It is wonderful for her to be taking part in this play and we are extremely proud of her. “Break a Leg”, Olivia.



Class Photo’s
The students looked their best and brightest for the class photo’s on Wednesday. Thank you to all of them for putting on their best smiles and overcoming their reserve for the pictures. You can also see them on the Facebook page.

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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Pinto
We are ecstatic to welcome a new member to the Pinto family as Mr. and Mrs. Pinto have new baby girl, Isabella. HFS would like to send its warmest congratulations to the family and we are glad and happy that mum and baby are both doing well.
Lunch Time Volunteers
This week we had our first meeting of the PTA and I am extremely grateful for the continued support and interest shown by the parent body of HFS. One of the issues raised was the need for parent volunteers during our lunch period. If anyone would like to volunteer to be an extra pair of eyes watching over the children in the cafeteria between 12:30 and 1:00 please show up on any date you are available.


Next Friday, the 21st sees the respected and revered Korean Harvest moon festival of Chuseok. To honor this holiday HFS will have its annual Chuseok program to which all parents are welcome to attend. The festivities begin at 11:30 with an interval for the regularly scheduled lunch and play break. The activities will continue in the afternoon with some fun outdoor games and performances. Students are welcome to dress in traditional festive clothing from Korea of their own country for the day.
Club Activities

Our after-school club activities continue to be popular. We are happy to try and accommodate parents and students wishing to sign up for clubs at any time and we appreciate that parents may have missed the sign-up deadline or may not have completed the online sign up form. If this is the case, please send an email to Ms. Yujin at so that we are aware that a student is in a particular club and that miscommunications can be avoided. Please click here to see which clubs has your child signed up for.
Finally, if for any reason you do not receive the weekly newsletter please check the spam folder in your email and if your contact information should change, please inform the school so that we can update our records. The newsletter is also published to the school web page for your convenience.
Thank you for your continued support,
Best regards,
Scott Kearney