Newsletter 2018/19 Term 1 Week 1

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 First Week


I am happy to report that the first week of HFS operating in its new premises has been a resounding success. Thank you to the dedicated team of faculty and staff that keeps HFS running and to the parents of our students for their continued support. I am sure that each week will get better as the year progresses.


Term One Planner

The completed term one planner has been uploaded for you to go through. Please take note of significant days and dates and mark them on your calendar.  

The school will be closed during the Chuseok period.


School Trip

As a dynamic start to the new school year HFS will once again be taking students to the UMFF mountain film festival. The trip will take place on Monday 10 September and is open to year 2 to Year 9 students. The outing will be comprised of a film screening and various thrilling and motivating outdoor activities and it will be a full day trip. Parents are asked to complete the online permission form here by no later than Thursday 6 September. This promises to be an exciting day out and I look forward to it being as successful and popular as it was last year.


Evacuation and Lockdown Procedure Drill

Safety is our top-most priority at HFS and since we are in a new and unique site we have updated our emergency evacuation and lockdown procedure. In the unlikely event that the school would need to be evacuated we will take full advantage of all of the three exits available to us. The staff has been briefed on the new evacuation procedure and we will be conducting a drill on Monday 3 September at 2:15 pm.


Club Activities

Extra-curricular activities are essential for bringing cohesiveness and identity to a school and they are a core part of the HFS ideals. Thank you to all who have signed up for the HFS after-school clubs, they will commence from Monday 3 September. Just a reminder that club activities run from 3:30 pm until 4:30 pm and students are to be collected at the HFS multimedia center directly thereafter. I am sure that the students and teachers are excited to get the activities underway.


PTA Participants

The Parent Teacher association is a valued and integral part of the HFS community. We have always appreciated the input, support and connection that HFS shares with the parenting body. I would like to call on any parents who would like to participate in this association to email me at so that we can set a date for our first meeting.


Best Regards,

Scott Kearney