Newsletter 2018/19 Summer Vacation (2)

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Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying a restful holiday with family and friends.
I want to inform you that I have taken another position and will not be returning as the HFS principal.  I have been appointed as the “School Consultant,” which means I will be available to HFS staff for advice, if they need it.
I plan to come to school once a term during this transition year on a Saturday to meet with staff and hopefully parents.
I am pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Kearney has been appointed as the, “School Coordinator.”  I am confident that with Paul Kim, Mrs. Yeo, Ms. Yujin, Mr. Kearney and the new staff working as a team, it will be another successful school year.
I want to thank all the parents for their support.  
I wish you all the best.
Parents should take note that the phone number of the school office is now 052-252-2851. 
Peter McLeod