Newsletter 2017/18 Term 3 Week 9

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Dear Parents,

It will be an exciting two weeks ahead of us to wrap up our school year and time on this beautiful campus.  We are all looking forward to it and will keep you informed of the events and activities.



Reports will be sent home on Friday.  Be sure to fill in the appropriate area and bring it to the Parent/Teacher conference.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on Wednesday June 20th from 1:30-6 pmThere is a sign-up sheet at the school office to confirm your appointment time or call 052-250-2851. The school bus will be provided, as usual at 12:30.  Please bring your child to the conference.  I feel it is much more productive when the child is present at the parent/teacher conference.


PTA Meeting

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, June 26th for any parent interested in being a part of the PTA next session.  This is just a group of parents willing to be creative to make the time at school more interesting and fun for the children.  Just come and let’s brainstorm our ideas. 


After School Activities

Drama Club on June 20th and Softball on June 22nd will be cancelled.  The last day of after school activities will be on June 21st.


PTA Movie and Pizza Afternoon

What a huge success!  We would like to thank the PTA for sponsoring this fine event!


Thank you for all your support.  We should have an exciting two weeks ahead!

Best Wishes,


Peter McLeod