Newsletter 2017/18 Term 3 Week 1

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Dear Parents,


We had super first week back after a two week Spring Break!  Students came back well rested and eager to learn and explore new ideas.  I find it refreshing to see the passion and enthusiasm in our students each day.  Parents should be very proud.



After School Activities


The first week of activities was a real success.  Students are still visiting the office asking to sign up for various activities.  Parents can sign up for the activities at the following link


Assembly Monday


Mr. Kearney’s class has been working very hard organizing the assembly with the theme, “Protecting Us From Germs.” There will be a parade following the assembly.  All parents are welcome!


PTA 뉴스레터 헤드


We need about 6 parents to help run the activities.

Please message Brony on 010-2810-4420 or email!


PTA Readers

We want to thank the PTA members who have volunteered to read to classes next week.  Parents will enter classes each day to read to the students.  Our students in year 7-9 will also be entering classes to read to their younger colleagues.


Best Wishes,


Peter McLeod