Newsletter 2017/18 Term 2 Week 5

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Dear Parents,


 The HFS Learning Community continued to thrive this week starting with our Olympic assembly on Monday organized by the Year 5/6 class.  If you have any questions about what you see below, please do not hesitate to contact school.


Parent Meeting

 We want to thank all parents who attended our meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the move to the temporary school at the Hanmaeum Center for the 2018-2019 academic session. There is a link below to complete a survey regarding your interest in attending HSF next year.


 Please complete the survey by February 14th. Click here to go to the survey.


 For those who did not attend our meeting, we will provide a video of the presentation on the school website next week.


Pics from this week


<Year 1/2>


<Art Club>


<Year 7/8/9>


Class Pages

 Check out our class pages on the website! They are new and improved!



 You will hear from your child that we have changed the format of the assemblies at school. They are now student led assemblies where a class each week is responsible for planning and carrying out the assembly.  Planning their assembly touches on many areas of the curriculum as the students must create and write the script, create and develop the ICT used in the assembly, collaborate with their colleagues, speak publicly and much more.

 Mr. McCrimmon’s class has held an assembly on last Monday and the theme was Winter Olympics.


 Mr. Kearney’s class will have assembly this Monday.  I have seen his class members diligently creating a video this week for their assembly. 


 All parents are Welcome to attend assembly at 1:30 pm each Monday.


HFS Olympics


 Y5-9 collaborated this week to prepare for the HFS Olympics to be held the week following Seollal.  The students split into two main groups, one focused designing events for the tournament.  The others comprised the PR department with a focus on advertisements and graphic design.  Get ready for the Olympics at HFS!


Year 7/8/9 Winter Olympics Blog


 Whilst learning about journalistic writing, Year 7/8/9 are going to be running a class blog during the Winter Olympics.  They will be updating the blog each day Monday to Friday from Monday 12th February to Monday 26th February.  The first blog will be published Monday 12th February at 3 pm. 


Click here to go to the blog


School Dance Party

 The student council has come forward with a proposal to have a school Dance Party on March 16th from 3:30-5:30 pm.


 We will have another brainstorming session on Wednesday at lunch.


 More information will come soon!


Warm Regards,


Peter McLeod