Newsletter 2017/18 Term 2 Week 4

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Dear Parents,
We hope all parents had a good week because we sure had a great week at school. Our entire learning community is passionate about the exciting things going on each day.  I am sure that you will be pleased with what you read below as you will get a feeling of what life is like at school.
 We started a new mentor program this week at school.  All staff members mentor our year 5-9 students and our year 5-9 students mentor our year 1-4 students.  This is good leadership training as well as it gives our students a sense of belonging.  Studies show that students improve academically when they have a mentor they can go to when needed. Be sure to ask your child about their mentor.

Class Pages
 Be sure to look at the class pages more often now.  They are updated weekly and are full of new and exciting information.
Parent Meeting
 There will be a parent meeting on February 7th at 7pm at school to discuss the move to a temporary site for the next academic year.  All interested parents are asked to attend.

Community Service


<Fruit Lady at the Compound Entrance>


<Swami School in India>

 In the spirit of Global Citizenship, our students have been involved with 3 community service projects recently.  Firstly, students noticed that the woman we all know who sells fruit at the entrance of our compound looked cold sitting outside all day.  We used 100,000W from our charity fund and with year 3-4 students, we shopped on-line for gloves, a scarf, socks, hat and sweater. With the students who organised the event, we walked over to her on Monday afternoon and presented her with the gifts. The students felt very good about the impact they could make on the life on another person.  Well done! 
 We also donated 220,000W to the Swami School in India for their library.  The Principal, who is Shrinika’s (Y-3) Grandfather, sent us a touching video from all his students thanking us for the donation. 
 Finally, we donated 50,000W to UNICEF.  Students presented a powerpoint and video at assembly so now all students know the good work UNICEF does.
 We are very proud to see the passion our students have shown towards others and we are confident the culture of helping others will remain with them for the remainder of their lives. 


PTA 뉴스레터 헤드

International Food Share


 International Food Share day is on Wednesday, February 28th!  This is always a fun event, a chance to showcase the food from “Home”.  Each country represented has a table of food from their homeland (prepared by the parents).  The children then take turns of walking around the room trying the food from around the world.  It is also an opportunity for the families to come and enjoy the international food as well.  At the moment we have France, Brazil and India.  There is a lot more countries represented at HFS.  It would be great if we could have as many countries represented as possible.
 If you are able to represent your country by providing food to share, please email or ring or message Brony on 010-2810-4420.

Scholastic Book Order
 A reminder that you can still order your Scholastic books online until Thursday, February 22nd.  All orders can be made online at the following address:
 Simply click “shop now” on the “Mini,” “XD,” or “Teen” coloured boxes in the centre of the page and you will be able to shop for the books listed in the leaflets. Please see Brony or email if you have any questions.  Happy shopping!!!


Volleyball! By Andrei Iovu


 6:30 am, pitch black, everyone was dragging their feet behind them but… not me! I had a sip of my mother’s coffee, known as a cappuccino, and was filled with energy spontaneously! It was as if I was shocked with electricity! I was early and waiting for Mr. Munden to arrive. After he arrived, and everyone else arrived, we were off! The bus journey was filled with laughter and charades.

 When we arrived, daylight came, and we went in as I was tingling with excitement and was amazed at the sight of players playing with such skill. We had our first match against GIFS. Unfortunately, we lost both sets, but it was fine because it was our first time playing on a proper court and we also learnt a lot from the game. We had targets to reach but the most important for me was ‘15 points or more during a set’. With the cappuccino circulating in my blood I knew that this task could be completed, but this wasn’t always the case.

 Our second game started against ISK/BIA and it was going amazingly well, we won the first set! Unfortunately, we lost the second set but we were really close to winning it. The third set was spectacular! We were losing 9-14 to ISK/BIA. Luckily, Daphne, using her amazing skills, hit the ball over and gave us the advantage as well as gaining us one point. Now it was 10-14 and Jack was up for serving. Jack got us four points with four serves! We were close to winning but ISK/BIA got the advantage and beat us to it. Our final match was against our arch rivals… BIFS! We had the upper hand in the first set but we lost it to BIFS! No!!!! We were losing in the second set but we still had the determination to carry on. Unfortunately we lost the game but were impressed by the way we played. We were heading back home again with laughter and charades with Mr.Mccrimon and Mr.Munden the cause for this joy and excitement.


Pictures from This Week


<Y1/2 Learning about Volleyball / Making a glossary / in ICT Class>


Floor Hockey Club


 The Tuesday Floor Hockey Club has been a great success thus far. Many of the students in the club have learned basic skills from Mr. McCrimmon on previous occasions. It has been really impressive to see how well the students have been stick handling, passing, and shooting. Last Tuesday there was also some top notch goaltending from Liam aka ‘The Wall’ and ‘Great Save’ Dave. How do you like our new protective glasses?



 The year 5/6 student led assembly on Monday will take place at 1:30pm in the hall. All parents are welcome and bring your running shoes!!!


See you next week!


Warm Regards,


Peter McLeod