Newsletter 2017/18 Term 2 Week 1

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Dear Parents,


We hope all is well and you have settled into the routine of being back at school.  It was a real pleasure to see the students return after the break so enthusiastic and passionate about their learning. 


Cold Weather

The temperature this week has been as low as -9 degrees.  We have given the children the opportunity to eat their snack at break time indoors before going outside for fresh air.  Be sure that all students have gloves or mitts, a scarf, hat and warm socks.  As long as the children are dressed warmly, being outside in the fresh air is good for them. 


Class Pages

Parents are reminded to check the class pages on the website to gain information on all the exciting curriculum developments taking place in the school.



All students in the school are writing their own personal journal this term.  This is an effective way to improve both the writing and creativity in our students.  Be sure to ask your child what they are writing in their journals and have them read to you what they wrote.  Giving your child ideas on topics or issues to write about in their journal would also be helpful.


Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

We want to remind parents that the LRC is open after school on Monday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 4:10pm and from 1pm to 2pm on Wednesday.  We encourage all students to read a lot!



There will be a PTA meeting on January 16th at 2pm in Bungalow #10.  All are welcome.


Warm Regards,


Peter McLeod