Newsletter 2017/18 Term 1 Week 4

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Dear HFS Parents,

We are chugging along into the final week of the first month of the new academic year and the students are coming to school full of hopes and aspirations thanks to your active support and interest in the school. Our Y3-9 students have had an enjoyable day of great outdoor activities in connection with the Ulju Mountain Film Festival Trip (Please see the attached photos) and tomorrow some of our students will have fun watching and representing our school as escorts at a K-League soccer match at the Munsu World Cup Stadium. With the Chuseok holidays just around the corner, I am happy to make announcements and reminders for our parent community for the following weeks.


Chuseok Holiday Events, the Week of 25th September

The school will organize many colorful and fun activities throughout the next week to help the students to experience authentic Korean culture in anticipation of the Chuseok holidays the week after next.

On Monday the 25th September, a group of Korean musicians will come to the school and perform traditional musical instruments and traditional dance in the school hall from 13:30 – 14:30.  The students will then have a chance to play the instruments themselves. Parents are invited to witness the performance.

On Tuesday, the 26th September, Ms. Yuli, the HFS Art teacher, will be making a Korean art presentation and there will be calligraphy performances from 13:30 – 14:30.

Finally, on Friday the 29th September, the Year 7-9 students will make a presentation on Korean culture in the hall followed by a group dance called “Gang-gang-su-lae” in the school playground and this will be followed by group games. Ms. Yuli is going to create photo frames during that time and again parents are invited to come in and take photos with the students. Students will also be able to sample Korean rice cakes called “Songpyeon.”  This event will start just after lunch and parents are invited to come out and join us during this interesting afternoon of Korean cultural events.


GL Assessment Progress Tests Throughout Next Week

As informed previously, HFS students from Year 1–9 will sit GL Assessments throughout next week. Please check the class pages for the test schedules and information.


Mr. Scott Kearney Joins Us on Next Tuesday, 26th September

Mr. Scott Kearney will be joining us from next Tuesday. He will be teaching the students in the Year 1/2 combined class throughout next week and after Chuseok Holidays he will be responsible for the Year 1/2 class, while Ms. Sena You will take charge of the Y1 class. Welcome back, Mr. Kearney!


School Starts Back on Tuesday 10th October 2017

We would like to remind the parents that the school will start the Chuseok holiday on Monday 2nd October.  School will resume on Tuesday 10th October.

Last but not least, I ask you to please keep an eye on the monthly class updates that are being published on the class pages on the school website this week and next.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards,


Paul ES Kim

Executive Board Member

Hyundai Foreign School



* Attachments: Pictures of the Y3-9 Students at the Trip Site