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Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Parents of our F2 children enjoyed a very happy and emotional graduation ceremony on Wednesday. As Ms. De Klerk said on the afternoon, the children have grown in every way since the start of the academic year and they are ready for commencement to Year One. With balloons, video interviews and final hat toss, it was a lovely afternoon, and thank you to Ms. De Klerk, Ms. Dingli, Mr. Green and our parents who helped make this event so memorable.

Awards Assembly

We had a very full, and enjoyable, whole school assembly on Thursday, and it was great to see the range of achievements gained by our students, from athletics to academics to attendance!

As a faculty we are rightly proud of the efforts made by all students, and it is also right that some individuals are recognised for particularly epitomising the HFS core values. The following students have received commendations for this term: –

Mr. McCrimmon – Leila Cerise De Los Reyes
Ms. Zorina – Margarita Florovskiy
Ms. Fuller – Dhanya Sri Kotikalapudi
Mrs. Munden – Zarin MaisarahYusmi
Mr. Fairclough – Aimin Simandjoentak
Ms. Strang – Akshitha Chenna
Mr. Munden – Qistina Alya Arulhaizal

The Outstanding Achievement Award for 2016 / 2017 was presented to Ece Ungor. The loud and extended applause Ece received from faculty,  students and parents, reflects the amazing and varied contribution she has made to HFS in such a relatively short time – well done Ece!

End of Year reports

All students will receive their end of year reports today. Please see the following information regarding some of the reports contents

  • Attendance was calculated for this term only, as previous reports also recorded attendance. The figure records attendance up to and including Friday 16th June. One school day is calculated as two attendances.
  • Please note that any assessment result should be placed within a context of being a ‘snapshot’ of a student’s attainment, at the time of that assessment. A broader measure of a student’s attainment and progress this term is provided by the comments in the end of year report. That being so, assessment grades do provide a useful tool for comparing a student’s attainment against age-related expectations  – Cambridge Progress Checks (Years 3, 4 and 5), and how any one student is performing in relation to other students of the same age, following the same Cambridge programme – Cambridge Checkpoint assessments (Year 6 and 9).
  • Cambridge Progress Checks grades
  • Bronze – Working towards the standard. Learners have a basic grasp of the curriculum content. They have achieved a few of the learning objectives and are working toward achieving others. They would benefit from more focus on some areas of the curriculum.
  • Silver – Meeting the standard. Learners have a sound grasp of the curriculum content. They are successfully achieving many of the learning objectives as expected at this stage.
  • Gold – Exceeding the standard. Learners have an excellent grasp of the curriculum content. They are successfully achieving the great majority of the learning objectives and often go beyond what is expected at this stage.
  • Cambridge Progress Check is scored as follows: –

Parent Volunteer Luncheon
Thank you to those parents who attended the luncheon earlier this week. As I said at the time, many of the events held this year would not be possible at HFS without the support of our parents and families. We offer sincere thanks to all those who have helped in any way to make this a very successful year. 

Parent / Teacher Conferences Wednesday 28th June

Please be reminded that all students should attend with parents if possible. Please return reply slips as soon as possible as confirmation of attending the meeting with the class teacher.

PTA Summer Party

The PTA will provide food for their end-of-year party on Monday 26th June. All students, including F1 and F2, will have an extended lunch from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Main School, allowing them to enjoy the delicious food, kindly donated by our PTA. All parents are welcome to join with the students for this happy event.

Last day of School

A gentle reminder that Friday 30th June is the last day of term and the school will close at 12 p.m., with the bus leaving at approximately 12.15 p.m. HFS will reopen at 8.55 a.m. on Monday 28th August.

HFS Summer Swimming Camp

HFS is very pleased to provide a two-week Swimming Summer Camp for our students and family during the upcoming summer break as follows.  Any interested students should sign up by Monday, June 26, 2017. Please apply to the school Administrative office.

  1. Period: July 3 – July 14, Monday & Wednesday (Twice a Week)
  • Age Limit: From Y1 to Y9 HFS students and family
  • Lesson Duration: 45 minutes per lesson
  • Cost: KRW 80,000 per person
  • Class Size: Minimum 3/ Maximum 6 per class
  • Place: The Clubhouse swimming pool
  1. Lesson
  • Beginner
  • Time: 10:00-10:45 (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Skills taught: Safe entry, floating, treading water, sculling and basic swimming skills
  • Intermediate
  • Time: 11:00-11:45 (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Skills taught: Basic swimming skills, survival swimming skills, four strokes
  1. Instructor
  • Mr. Taeho CHA
  • Technical Director, Korea Life Saving Society
  • Lifeguard License issued by The Royal Life Saving Society Australia
  • Swimming Coaching License issued by the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA)

Please contact the school Administration office with any queries regarding this offering

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Diary dates

  • Friday 23rd June – End of year reports sent home
  • Monday 26th June – PTA Summer Party, Main School 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Tuesday 27th June Year 1 / 2 end of year trip to Small World Park
  • Wednesday 28th June – Student-led Parent / Teacher conferences, school closed for students
  • Thursday 29th June EYC end of year trip to Small World Park
  • Thursday 29th June Year 3 – 8 end of year trip to Gyeongju World
  • Friday 30th June – Last day of term school closes at 12 p.m
Please contact the specific class teacher(s) or the school office with any questions regarding these dates.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Kind regards,
Tony Blacklock

Hyundai Foreign School